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Aquarium Accessories Biochemical Cotton Filter

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Color: Black 15PPI

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Aquarium Accessories Biochemical Cotton Filter


Dive into cleaner, healthier waters with our Aquarium Accessories Biochemical Cotton Filter!

Transform your fish tank or pond into a pristine aquatic paradise with this practical and versatile foam sponge filter. Available in multiple sizes and equipped with 15, 25, 35, or 50PPI (Pores Per Inch), this black beauty is your go-to solution for keeping your underwater world sparkling clean.

Say goodbye to murky water and hello to crystal-clear clarity as our biochemical cotton filter works its magic, trapping dirt, debris, and impurities to ensure your aquatic friends thrive in their pristine environment.

Easy to install and ultra-effective, it's the must-have accessory for any fish enthusiast. So, make waves in the aquarium world and upgrade your setup with our Aquarium Accessories Biochemical Cotton Filter today! 🐠🌊

The Biochemical Filter has the best effect on decomposing the excrement and the forage leftover.
Its multi-porous feature will avoid blockages and provide the largest adhesion area for bacteria.
It is durable
Very suitable for using in freshwater and marine water.
Can be cut any sizes as your needed.
Lightweight & softness design.
Excellent water permeability.
Cultivate the nitrifying bacteria for biological filtration.
Dense shape makes it effective to avoid residue.
Can be used again after cleaning
100% brand new & unused
Color: Black

- There may be an error of 0~2cm in manual cutting.
- The biochemical cotton will be vacuum packed and compressed when it is packaged and shipped.
- Replace the bio-sponge three month, to ensure the filtrating effect as well as the growth of the nitrifying bacteria.

Package Include:
1x Filter biochemical cotton



  • 50x50x2cm
  • 50x50x3cm
  • 50x50x4cm
  • 50x50x5cm
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