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Large Capacity Fashion Travel Bag

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Color: Dark Blue

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Large Capacity Fashion Travel Bag


Get ready to travel in style with our Large Capacity Fashion Travel Bag – because your adventures deserve more than just any old bag; they deserve a statement piece that's as chic as it is functional! Imagine a travel companion that doesn't just carry your essentials but does it with flair and room to spare. Our Large Capacity Fashion Travel Bag is more than just luggage; it's a fashion-forward journey in itself, designed to turn heads while keeping all your travel necessities neatly organized. This travel bag is more than just storage; it's a stylish sidekick ready to embark on every adventure. So, why settle for an ordinary travel bag when you can jet-set in style with our Large Capacity Fashion Travel Bag? Elevate your travel game, embrace the fashion, and let your adventures be as fabulous as the bag you carry. Because in the world of travel, your luggage should be as memorable as the journey itself!



Product Style: Fashion Travel Bag
Travel Bag Weight: 0.16 Kg
Size: 48 * 32 * 16 cm
Material: Waterproof Fabric
Color Options: Dark Blue / Red / Green / Pink
High Capacity: 20-35L


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