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Pick-up Truck Remote Toy

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Color: Red

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Pick-up Truck Remote Toy


Rev up the excitement with our C24 RC Truck – a 1:16 scale off-road pick-up truck that brings a whole new level of fun to playtime! Perfect for kids and adults alike, this remote-controlled crawler is not just a toy; it's a high-speed, headlight-toting, off-road thrill ride!

🌈 Key Features:

1. Full Functions, Full Fun: Experience the thrill of forward, backward, left and right turns, with added high-speed action, all at your fingertips. The 4WD system ensures a powerful off-road adventure every time.

2. 2.4GHz Remote Control Magic: Say goodbye to interference woes! Our 2.4G remote controller provides high-frequency precision, making your control experience smoother and more enjoyable.

3. Headlight for Nighttime Adventures: Illuminate the path ahead with the bright headlight, allowing for nighttime escapades and adding a dash of excitement to your off-road missions.

4. Realistic Appearance: The C24 RC Truck boasts an appearance that's strikingly similar to a real pick-up truck, delivering a surprise factor that sets it apart from the rest.

🚗 Specifications:

ğŸŽ® Package Includes:

1 * RC Car 🚗 1 * Remote Controller ğŸŽ® 1 * USB Charger 🔌 1 * Battery 🔋 1 * Car Shell Accessories 🛠️ 1 * User Manual 📖

👶 Note to Adventurers:

This isn't just a toy; it's a serious off-road machine! Suitable for ages 6 and above, with adult supervision recommended for beginners. Read the manual for an epic adventure.

🔋 Battery Caution:

Charge responsibly! No over-charging, no over-discharging, and definitely no throwing into fire or water. Safety first, adventure second!

ğŸŽ Order Now for Off-Road Thrills!

Take playtime to the next level with our C24 RC Truck. Order now and let the off-road adventures begin – because the best memories are made in the fast lane! ğŸğŸŽ‰


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