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Wool Dryer Balls

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Color: 6pcs

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Wool Dryer Balls

From $10.14

Are your laundry days a drag? Upgrade your wash day routine and make laundry fun again with our Wool Dryer Balls Washing Machine Accessories! Perfect for both the washing machine and dryer, these wool balls are made from pure white wool that is gentle on fabric. With their generous 5 cm diameter, these balls will make sure your clothes get the perfect amount of tumbling to stay soft and static free – no more frustrating static cling.

These dryer balls not only help shorten drying time but they also help keep bed sheets untangled and remove pet hair from your clothing with ease. Not to mention, they are long lasting so you won't have to worry about them unraveling over time like you do with liquid fabric softeners or dryer sheets. With these wool balls, you never have to worry about residues because these expertly crafted accessories help keep fabric refreshed without leaving behind any nasty messes in your machine.

Upgrade your access to a more convenient, time-saving solution for laundry day! Try out our Wool Dryer Balls Washing Machine Accessories today for softer and static-free fabrics without all the hustle!


Material: Wool
Color: White
Diameter: about 5cm


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